Bigger is Better… and with more people.

If you’ve listened to our latest podcast, you know that we’re taking a brief hiatus from producing the show. Don’t worry—we’ll be back, raring to go, in about seven more weeks. In the meantime, however, we’ve got lots of work to do.
In the beginning, when the show was little more than an idea, I brainstormed with a coworker about possible topics for podcasts. The list we came up with was pretty extensive, we thought. We could talk about the different types of tea, different traditions and ceremonies, the history and origins of the tea plant, brewing methods and equipment, and of course its overall health benefits. Our list had about fifty items on it, and since the start of production we have covered about thirty-five of them. The truth is, once we got started we were amazed at how much there is to say about this seemingly simple drink. We could go on for years—and believe me, we plan to.

So now, during this hiatus, I am again at the brainstorming stage. There are several things from that original list that we haven’t touched on yet—Japanese Tea Ceremonies, for example, and some non-traditional uses for tea, such as the use of black tea as a dye. Those items are merging onto this new list, and I’m adding to it from there. But we’re not just coming up with podcast ideas, this time around. We’re coming up with ideas for the Steeping Around brand in general. Steeping Around is evolving. Into what, we cannot say—but it is going to be great.

You may have heard Manish mention on the air that we intend to create video blogs, to go along with the radio and written components of the show. This intention is getting carried out—we’ve got a video guy! A techie, if you will, and he is good. So now we’re coming up with ideas for videos as well. And, what about merchandise? Wouldn’t you love to wear a bright pink shirt that says “Have you been steeping around?” Imagine the responses…

This is the inventive part of the job, the part where no idea gets thrown out, where everything counts. Nothing is too silly or crazy.

My list is just beginning, and you can add to it. Really, all ideas are great ideas at this point. For the next seven weeks, we’re getting wacky. We’re having fun. And if as much comes out of it as the last time we put our ideas to the test, well, then we have a lot to look forward to.

If you have any ideas for us, post them as a comment to this blog. Let’s network this brainstorming session, because (let’s face it), when it comes to steeping around, the more people, the better!

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  1. Moorea

    Hi Manish, Tere and Sarah,

    I just finished listening to all of your episodes of Steeping Around (terrific name!) in five days. Thanks for your informative show! I’ve enjoyed learning so much about tea. Manish and Tere, you have really nice-sounding voices. And congratulations on learning to cook Indian food, Manish!

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