Shapes and Sizes: The Leaves Reveal

Manish and Lisa wrap up our series on tea leaf reading, or tasseomancy, by focusing once again on tea.  What type of tea is used? Read more…

As a reminder, Steeping Around will be switching to an every-other week format as of now. We’ll steep around with you again on February the 6th!  ’Til then, keep posted for news and photos.

  • Tasseomancy1Amy Taylor, our expert on tasseomancy.
  • Tasseomancy2Amy interprets the leaves after having a nice cup of tea and conversation with her client.
  • Tasseomancy3What do you see?

Peer into the cup…

Photos from Shows 98, 99, and 100 (posting soon!):  Tea Leaf Reading!

People seem to believe that readings need to tell you what you want to hear. Well, no--readings are actually to tell you the things that you need to hear.

Amy Taylor from Show 99, “Fate or Fortune – What’s in the Cup?”

Bonus Clip from Show 99 – Reading Difficult People

Are there certain people that a tea leaf reader simply cannot get a reading out of? Or, are there times when a reader cannot do any readings at all? Find out in this bonus clip from Show 99, Fate or Fortune. Read more…

Fate or Fortune – What’s in the Cup?

The leaves in the bottom of our cup have a message for us. But–is the fortune that they describe our fate, or have we some say in the matter? Read more…

Reading the Leaves

This week, we’re peering deeper into the cup than ever before. Manish and Lisa discuss the art of tea leaf reading, or tasseomancy. What exactly is tasseomancy, and where does it come from? Read more…

My parents were not in the tea business ... but apparently they had sown the seeds of my tea business-dom early and often.

Manish Shah from Show 96, “Chai from the Motherland”

  • GrandmothersGrandmother's Punch: the one you had in grade school.
  • PalmerPunchTea Punch: a fruity kick to the head.
  • SpikedPunchSpiced and SPIKED tea punch: let's just cut to the chase.
  • GrossmuttersGrossmutters Punsch: German Geniousness.
  • EnglishEnglish Christmas Punch: get your fire extinguisher ready.
  • ChainogChai Nog Latté: it's another kind of nog.

Recipes for Punches

Throw some punches this holiday season… er, parties.  With punches. These recipes were featured on Show 95, Punches for Parties.

Chai: Innovations and Limitations

Manish continues his conversation with Katrina Ávila Munichiello this week, as she asks him about his innovations on chai within his own company.  Is there anything that he would never do with chai? Read more…

Chai from the Motherland

We’re starting out the new year with a special interview-in-reverse. Katrina Ávila Munichiello, senior editor of Tea Magazine, requested an interview with Manish about chai, the spiced tea latté that he brought from the motherlands to the palates of American drinkers. Read more…

Punches for Parties

Manish and Lisa are stirring the punchbowl this week, for a special show that is sure to spike up your holidays. Are you in charge of making the holiday punch? Tune in for six crowd-pleasing recipes. Happy holidays! Read more…

I'm not saying that I'm looking forward to the next time I'm sick ... but I know what I'm definitely going to have!

Lisa Derfus from Show 94, “Hot Toddies for Cold Weather”

Check out this recipe featured on Show 94, Hot Toddies for Cold Weather.

Hot Toddies for Cold Weather

It’s cold season, and we’ve got a classic and delicious way to feel better right away: hot toddies!  Manish and Lisa take you through the history of hot toddies, classic recipes, and tea-based versions of the drink. Read more…