Welcome Back!

We’re back from our eight month hiatus, and we’re ready to dive back into the wonderful world of tea! Manish recaps where we left off in February, as well as the many changes we have seen since. Among them, we welcome a new co-host: the fabulous Lisa Derfus!

Lisa is a long-time coffee drinker, but she often indulges in tea while at the Maya Tea Co. office. Her favorite is the one with all the caffeine-Yerba Mate herbal tea.

Show 89 – Welcome Back!

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  1. Alice

    I just heard your radio show on teas. I come from Taiwan, really love green tea but have never heard about infusing tea with liqueur!! Interesting to hear about your new co-host, Lisa DerfusLisa Derfus. Her voice is very sweet and soothing. She sounds like she has gone through a lot! Good luck to her on the dog biscuit business.

    • I’m glad you found us! Check out show 87 “Celebrating with Tea Liqueurs” for more information about infusing tea with alcohol… it is very easy to make and enjoy at home! What an honor to have a listener all the way in Taiwan.

  2. Susan

    Very interesting about the liqueur-infused teas. I am a long time coffee drinker looking for an excuse to break that habit. I need a caffeine jot in the morning. Will tea accododate this? I mean a real jolt!! New co-host sounds very nice, pleasant voice. Looking forwad to next show.

    • Tea sure can! My favorite caffeine jolt comes from Yerba Mate, an herbal tea. Learn more about it on show 48 “Yerba Mate-The Herb with a Buzz!”. I also suggest black teas for maximum caffeine. Let us know if you have any specific questions!

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