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  • Lisa sipping a bellini for the centennial of Steeping Around.Shall I blow the horn again?
  • A Tea Party: Party hats, horns, and champagne flutes for this anniversary.Getting ready to celebrate 100 shows!
  • Loud horns to help celebrate in this episode of Steeping Around.There will be horns.
  • A bellini is the perfect recipe for this centennial anniversary celebration.Bellinis: Champagne and peach nectar.
  • Host Manish Shah, skeptical about the horns and hats.A skeptical Manish...
  • Bellini: Prosecco champagne and peach nectar.Cheers! Let the libations flow!
  • Sarah Price and Lisa Derfus, celebrating Steeping Around together.Show producer/editor Sarah Price with co-host, Lisa Derfus.
  • Manish getting into the flow, enjoying his bellini and Steeping Around.Hats. Everybody's wearing them.
  • Recording the 101th show of the podcast, Steeping Around.Getting down to business... Recording a bloopers show.
  • Co-host Lisa Derfus, talking about her experiences so far on the tea podcast.Lisa, ready for round two!
  • Lisa with a bellini and horn, celebrating the tea podcast, Steeping Around.Lisa enjoying herself.

Photos from the Centennial

100 shows is certainly a reason to celebrate… and we’re doing it!  Check out these behind-the-scenes photos of our party. Read more…

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