The Voice of Steeping Around

The concept of a blog for Steeping Around is somewhat tricky. I write the blogs for Maya Tea Company, and they come somewhat naturally—I simply relate a broader subject to the world of tea. But a blog for the radio show should be different, and to be honest I have been having a difficult time pinpointing exactly what form it should take.

Should the blogs recap the information that Manish and Tere deliver on a weekly basis? Obviously they should relate in some way to the material we present on the air, but how closely? To retell all that Manish says not only takes an excruciating amount of time and page-space, but I would imagine that it would be a bit monotonous for those readers who have already listened to the show.

And then, perhaps not. I am told that most people either listen or read, and the margin of people who do both is narrow. I am told that I should assume that anyone reading the blog has not listened to the show, and vice-versa. I am not entirely convinced… but this morning I got to thinking, and I’m not sure that it matters whether you’ve listened or not. In either case, you haven’t listened to me.

The important thing here is voice, and this one is mine. Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Sarah Price, and I am the editor of Steeping Around. Some of you have heard me on the air, on commercials or in my guest appearance in the show Yerba Maté: The Herb With a Buzz! There is a reason that my voice appears so infrequently—I’m not a great talker. I never have been. Manish, on the other hand, is. In addition to being the owner of the company and the real expert on tea, he has a remarkable gift for speech. He is able to communicate clearly and honestly, with a touch of humor, and the microphone loves him. That is why he is the Voice of Steeping Around.

But Steeping Around doesn’t have to have only one voice. Like I said, this one is mine. And while I certainly don’t have the presence that Manish does on the air, my voice does present itself well in written form. And I do have a certain advantage: the material that he presents every week is often as virgin to me as it is to any of you. While I am directly involved with production, it is only in the latter phases. I have nothing to do with research or development, my exposure to the material on the air is the same as your own.

In this respect, this blog will be listener-based. I am a little bit of an expert, sure—but only so much as the rest of you are, if you keep up on the show. This will be a place that we can muse over the content that we are given, together. I’ll write about what strikes me from the show, and I encourage you to do the same. With your comments and feedback, we can make this an interactive forum.

Steeping Around is not limited to one Voice—it has mine, and it can have many, many more. I look forward to steeping with you guys!

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