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The Final Steeping

In our final episode of Steeping Around, Manish, Lisa, and a secret guest discuss the show.  Where has Steeping Around come from, and where will it be going?  And what is the significance of the number 108?  Find out, in this final Steeping.

Show 108- The Final Steeping

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Tea Parties, Now and Then

Manish and Lisa discuss the many types of tea-times and relay the history of “low tea”, the famous Victorian tradition.   Read more…

Entertaining – Padma and Tea

Padma Lakshmi of Bravo’s hit TV series Top Chef joins us again this week in a continuing interview about her love of and connection with tea. Read more…

  • Padma LakshmiPadma Lakshmi's blooming jasmine tea.

Padma’s Blooming Tea

An inside look at one of Padma Lakshmi’s blooming teas, this is the Jasmine variety of Easy Exotic.

Padma Takes On Tea

This week’s show features a wonderful interview with one of the top celebrities of the culinary world–Padma Lakshmi, of Top Chef! In addition to her expansive knowledge and experience in the world of fine cuisine, Padma knows an awful lot about tea. Read more…

Cocktails With Tea: The Mayateani

Chef Ramiro Scavo shows us how to make a delicious tea-based cocktail, which he dubs the “Mayateani”. Gunpowder green tea, juniper-infused vodka, and cardomom tincture and an egg white make this sophisticated cocktail an instant classic.

Cooking with Tea: Chai Marinated Steak with Chef Ramiro Scavo

Chef Ramiro Scavo of Pasco Kitchen & Lounge demonstrates how to use chai tea and lemon grass to make a delicious meal of grass-fed steak and vegetables.

Cooking with Tea: Jasmine Tea Rice with Chef Ramiro Scavo

Chef Ramiro Scavo of Pasco Kitchen & Lounge demonstrates how to use jasmine green tea to make your own Jasmine Rice from scratch.

Tea, The Ingredient

We’re talking all things tea, but this time we’re not talking about tea-the-drink, but instead tea as a culinary ingredient.  Join Manish and Lisa in a special interview with Chef Ramiro Scavo of Pasco Kitchen & Lounge Read more…

A Perfect Pair – Tea and Food Pairings

We’ve all heard of pairing wine with our favorite foods, but what about tea?  This week Manish and Lisa explore the diverse possibilities of tea pairings Read more…

Tea and Cigar Pairings

We’re entering the exciting world of tea pairings, and our first is rather unusual: tea and cigars. Did you know that for every tea, there is a perfect cigar to match? Read more…

Absolutely festive... Shall I blow the horn again?

Lisa Derfus from Show 101, “Bloopers and Bellinis”

  • Lisa sipping a bellini for the centennial of Steeping Around.Shall I blow the horn again?
  • A Tea Party: Party hats, horns, and champagne flutes for this anniversary.Getting ready to celebrate 100 shows!
  • Loud horns to help celebrate in this episode of Steeping Around.There will be horns.
  • A bellini is the perfect recipe for this centennial anniversary celebration.Bellinis: Champagne and peach nectar.
  • Host Manish Shah, skeptical about the horns and hats.A skeptical Manish...
  • Bellini: Prosecco champagne and peach nectar.Cheers! Let the libations flow!
  • Sarah Price and Lisa Derfus, celebrating Steeping Around together.Show producer/editor Sarah Price with co-host, Lisa Derfus.
  • Manish getting into the flow, enjoying his bellini and Steeping Around.Hats. Everybody's wearing them.
  • Recording the 101th show of the podcast, Steeping Around.Getting down to business... Recording a bloopers show.
  • Co-host Lisa Derfus, talking about her experiences so far on the tea podcast.Lisa, ready for round two!
  • Lisa with a bellini and horn, celebrating the tea podcast, Steeping Around.Lisa enjoying herself.

Photos from the Centennial

100 shows is certainly a reason to celebrate… and we’re doing it!  Check out these behind-the-scenes photos of our party. Read more…

Bloopers and Bellinis

We’ve produced over a hundred shows of Steeping Around, and it’s time to party!  Join Manish and Lisa in celebrating with this very special, very funny bloopers show. Read more…

  • CupofDestiny5A book of symbols and significances.
  • CupofDestiny4The Cup of Destiny kit, new in the box!
  • CupofDestiny6Lisa studies tasseomancy.
  • CupofDestiny1The Cup of Destiny set.
  • CupofDestiny2The Saucer of Destiny.
  • CupofDestiny3The Cup of Destiny.

Lisa Studies Tasseomancy

Lisa begins to explore the art of tea leaf reading on her own, using the “Cup of Destiny”. Read more…